Area #4 (Weyburn)
Area #5 (Estevan)

Trailer Policy

Trailers and equipment must be used as a complete unit.

Trailer is available for EMERGENCY SPILLS using our “48 hours emergency policy”
If after 48 hours the emergency is not solved, a 48 hour extension is applied, with approval – call (306) 634-6277 or equipment custodian at (306) 421-0981. (Please refer to the Equipment and Trailer Useage Agreement that was signed by all members for more detailed information.)

The company that uses the Oil Spill Trailer for clean up needs to supply the following:

  • Air compressor
  • Gasoline (not stored in trailers)
  • Plastic ties
  • Garbage bags
  • Absorbents

This format shall be used until the emergency has ended, and trailer and equipment are no longer required, and are returned. At which time our inspection and repair, or replace policy take effect.

Companies using the Oil Spill Trailers are requested to contact the equipment custodian Peter McFadden at (306) 421-0981 or 306 634-6277 prior to trailer return to make arrangements for trailer inspection and final clean.

Once final clean up is completed and you have insured equipment is in working order inventory will be taken. The company who used the equipment in the trailer shall be invoiced for the cleaning and replacement of missing equipment and return of trailer to original site.

The company should have a representative present at this clean up and inspection.

Non-members will be charged – Three Thousand dollars ($3,000.00) per day for use of the trailer, plus replacement of equipment costs.